Farm Dog Certified Test

Farm Dog Certified Test April 25th, 2021

French Creek Pet Resort will be hosting a Farm Dog Certified Test on April 25th, 2021 starting at 9am. The cost is $25 per dog. 30 dogs total.

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You will need two qualifying scores under two different judges to earn your title. This event will have only one judge. But don’t worry, the very next weekend, May 2nd, there will be another Farm Dog Certified Test in Stanwood with another opportunity!

We will hosting two Farm Dog prep classes on April 13 and April 20th at 6pm. Email for more information on the prep classes or the Farm Dog Certified Test.

If you don’t know what Farm Dog is, think of it like a Canine Good Citizen Test around farm animals. More information on Farm Dog can be found at:

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